Parish to consult faithful in March – Synod Group Sessions

Parishes across the diocese will hold small-group sessions in March as part of a worldwide consultation of Catholics. Pope Francis called for this consultation, known as a synod, to bring the faithful together to share their experiences in the Church and their hopes for it. They include the people in the pews, clergy, religious, school staff and parents, young adults, as well as individuals who live on the margins of society, such as the homeless, refugees and the incarcerated. The consultation is occurring at a time when individuals, communities and the Church itself are forging a path toward renewal. The insights gathered from the group sessions will be used to develop ways parishes and the diocese itself can strengthen the voice of the faithful at all levels of the life of the church. Two previous synods, held at the diocese in the last six years, transformed the way the local church serves the faithful in San Diego and Imperial Counties. The Holy Father is inviting all of us to participate actively in revitalizing our Church, guided by the Holy Spirit. Please register for the small-group sessions at our parish by March 6th by completing a Registration and Invitation Card and placing it in the collection basket. Registration cards can be found at the church entrance. More information about the synod is available online at

Synod Report June 2022

Steps to Parish and REP registration

  1. Click the Parish Registration Only if you want to be a member of the Church or
  2. If registering a child to the Religious Education Program click this REP Link

Reporting Sexual Abuse

Complaints about sexual abuse by a member of the clergy or by a parish or Catholic school employee or

volunteer can be made by contacting Lisa Petronis, 858-490-8353 or at

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